Slickbald Custom Leather is located about 30 miles North of Downtown Denver in Frederick, Colorado; right on I-25. There are many reasonable hotels within a couple of miles and I’ll feed you lunch each day. Stay an extra day or two- Rocky Mountain National Park is just an hour-long scenic drive away!

This information is also available in .pdf format by clicking here.

Holster Making & Design - 3 Days - $900

This 3-day class will take the student through the design process and theory of holster making, whether field, defense, or Old West action. The student will make one gun-belt (to 48”) and one holster in their choice of style with geometric tooling (if desired). All tools provided. Just bring your hands.

I have designed this class to assist the intermediate to advanced leather worker in understanding how to design and make a professional-level gun belt and holster, the tools required, their care and use, leather selection and optimization, as well as the (my?) design theory, and the history of modern gunleather. I will be making an identical rig right next to you to help illustrate techniques without doing it for you. No die cut leather, we start from scratch.

This one on one class illustrates the proper installation of (and need for) holster and belt liners, holster molding, the belt billet and chape, bullet loops, belt sizing, appropriate finishes, edge finishing, and machine stitching. These distinctly professional steps are overlooked or are “under-done” by many, I believe, as a result of too many un-professional holsters and gun belts mass-made and marketed as if they were “best”. Good salesmanship does NOT make good gun-leather, in and of itself. Most of us start out copying what’s out there to learn from, and most producers have found gimmicky ways to take shortcuts, thus setting a bad example. I went to school. Now you can too! Take this class and distinguish yourself as a Professional Holster Maker!

It is the intent of this class to teach the process and theory, and then be a foundation for the maker’s own style and ideas. I will leave significant room for your creativity and design.

Floral Carving - 2 to 3 Days - $250/Day

This is a very flexible, customizable class that will focus on YOUR challenges. I will ask you to send some clear photos of your work prior to class to evaluate, as well as have a brief phone interview to hear what you are struggling with. All levels of experience are welcome. All tools will be provided.